Every design can be analyzed and split apart into small pieces, we can always distinguish some distinct UI elements, UX patterns, and design tokens repeatedly used throughout the design.

For the last few months, we’ve been working on t he MVP for a project similar to the Airbnb booking engine. Even though we were building an MVP, we still wanted to use a top-notch stack, amazingly fast application, and we wanted to reach the market as soon as possible…

In our line of work, which you can often hear summarized as developing custom web and mobile applications for clients, there’s a number of sales channels through which new potential projects arrive. Whether it’s by word of mouth, conference networking, direct inquiries, email, an official tender, there’s one thing in…

You are here probably because you read Danilo’s blog about discovery workshops and tips and tricks on motivating stakeholders. Maybe you are here because you want to know the technical and UX analyst’s perspective of discovery workshops. Either way, let’s begin!

Onboarding on a train of problems

The main idea of a discovery workshop is to…

From a version to another reaching 5.2.1 as the latest stable release, Symfony is scaling to become in line with PHP Framework on the throne.

For all of you that have been living under the rock, Symfony is an Open Source PHP Framework for web applications that thousands of web…

Not long ago, we went through a common, yet complicated demand on a Sylius shop : “ Contextualize access rights according to the admin user logged in

At the moment, there are 2 solutions to do so in the Sylius Ecosystem.

  • The one that comes with SyliusPlus and that…

In the last few years, ApiPlatform has become the standard in the Symfony ecosystem, and since version 1.8, Sylius decided to use it instead of FOSRestBundle. With this change, Sylius should become much easier to adapt and improve, so let’s see a few easy ways to add our own functionalities.


First of all, let’s clarify what even is static code analysis.

Wikipedia says:

Static program analysis is the analysis of computer software that is performed without actually executing programs, in contrast with dynamic analysis, which is analysis performed on programs while they are executing. …

Antonio: You know what’s the dumbest UX?

When you have to select the credit card type on payment form. Can’t they just figure it out from the credit card numbers?

Me: Err… it’s not that simple 😅.

So a while ago I had to implement a credit card type check…

User authentication is a single-handedly most required feature when building a modern web or mobile apps. It allows verifying users, user sessions, and most importantly it provides the base for implementing user authorization (roles and permissions).

Basically, you develop a login screen and allow the user to input their username/email…


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